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Anyone Need a Voice Actor?

2009-11-16 13:30:20 by jacobst24

Is anyone looking for a male Voice Actor?
Because I'm open!

Sonic satAM

2008-12-21 14:31:03 by jacobst24

Hello fellow newgrounders.
Me and my little bro (sonicmcbob the animator) have started a series called, Sonic satAm *applause, applause!*
Episode 2 will be coming out soon (no certain date set.)
p.s The first episode is supposed to be short.
Enjoy :)

hi everyone!

2008-12-09 17:22:36 by jacobst24

hello newgrounds.
Its been a while since I've posted anything but sadly, there's nothing to post. XD.


2007-11-25 16:12:48 by jacobst24

hi everyone. I just wanted to give you this link to a website This program was created by Billy Graham. This is for us teenagers to take a stand for christ and make a difference. You can start the training on the website, or you can order it for free and it will be sent to you by mail.



2007-10-21 16:28:32 by jacobst24

Hello. I am asking for people to pray for a family at my church. They have one daughter And two sons.
The oldest son age 5, died to day October 21 2007. And they need your prayer please. Thank you


2007-10-05 08:13:10 by jacobst24

I just wanted to thank those who left reviews on my songs. I also wanted to thank my Mom and Dad for all their support, my friends back in corydon, my piano teacher, miss jane, <a nd the most important of all> Jesus christ. For giving me the gift of playing piano.

did not write

2007-09-23 17:15:29 by jacobst24

Hi. I just wanted to tell you That I did not write the songs. I just Recorded them in a studio. It is really me playing.


2007-09-22 19:40:22 by jacobst24

hello. thank you for looking at my page. I will be adding more music soon.
I haven't been on newgrounds for very long, so I am mostly new to this.
I hope to make more music soon to put on this page. I have some already done.

Come back soon!